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My RaspberryPI

Hi there ! i bought a Raspberry Pi 4 recently and i decided to write out steps i made to configure it the way i want. i used RaspberryPI OS (former rasbian) as my selected operating system . installation first i bought needed stuff. i bought a sdcard with 64 GB storage to contain my OS and files and a HDMI to MINI-HDMI converter. then i used rpi-imager program to flash the image to sdcard. Read more...

Qemu for Home Usage

every UNIX user probebly use virtual machines every day for testing new stuff and for making learning process safer. i used virtualbox for long time but i understood that it is not working very well for me in a tiling window manager . so i was searching for alternatives and one great alternative that i found was “qemu” which is a command line interface for “kvm” which is a kernel module for virtualization. Read more...

New Look

Hello guys , i switched to a new and nicer hugo theme for my blog. i really like its retro feeling and also i enjoyed the it is going to load pretty well in terminal based browsers. i hope you guys also like this theme.

Setup bluetooth in linux

hello i decided to connect my headset to my arch install but i have some problems in connecting. finally i found the solution and this is it. first you should install related packages: sudo pacman -S bluez-utils pulseaudio-bluetooth pulseaudio-alsa then you must put the service in startup for systemd: sudo systemctl enable --now bluetooth.service now you must edit a file /etc/bluetooth/main.conf and add following lines to General section: Enable=Source,Sink,Media,Socket now you must refresh pulseaudio using: Read more...

my story with FreeBSD

i want to write my memories of my first try of installing and using FreeBSD. i always want to try new things. this was my main reason of going to linux. FreeBSD is also a new experiance. i was tempted to install FreeBSD after joining IRBUG telegram group. they use FreeBSD and they have challenges and i always like to have challenges. one day i downloaded the img file and write it to my USB and boot it. Read more...


hello there i am going to write some stuff about unix and programming and star wars and my other favorite things here.
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